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XANTERRA PARKS: Yellowstone National Park locations

The historic architecture of YNP buildings, seasonal employees and sheer volume of customers pose unique challenges when converting their kitchen facilities.   YNP has utilized Gaylord  commercial water wash hoods to meet the high demand, minimized employee maintenance and high capacity.  The high efficiency grease extraction and automatic water-wash Gaylord systems are a must for YNP.   In addition and depending on projects Critical Room Control has been utilized in a number of projects to maintain pressure between dining room and kitchen. This integrates the  make up air, and exhaust regardless of multiple hoods, fans and MAU'S.  .

Industry: High-End Hospitality
Project year: 2012-2018
Location: Yellowstone National Park 

Project Partners: ACE Engineering

Project Specifics: Gaylord Hoods, ACME Fans, Aerovent Fans, ABB Drives, Critical Room Control RPC

Manufacturers Utilized:

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