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S. Conley Support

Factory Authorized Technicians for Startup Service and Support With Over 66+ Years of Experience Among Our Team
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Need Services or Parts?

Support Phone Number: (406) 315-4111
Parts and Warehouse: (406) 551-7221

Our unique and customizable HVAC and refrigeration preventive maintenance programs can offer you piece of mind

Our Platinum Process


Designed to minimize startup issues with equipment at no additional cost to our customers. Our support team will coordinate on each job with the contractor and/or owners for pre-job site visits prior to startup of our equipment.

What to expect from our Support Team:

  • Confirm complete delivery of equipment, equipment is in proper condition, and there are no missing parts or pieces needed

  • Coordination and job site visits prior to startup to inspect equipment installation and ensure all factory requirements are met to maintain factory warranties

  • If any issues are determined with equipment or installation they will be discussed as a team to resolve the issue prior to startup date

  • Fully-executed start-up, commissioned, and owner training

  • PSA when desired


Preventative Maintenance Service provides preventative maintenance visits performed M-F, 8-5 and at a guaranteed contract labor rate. Emergency service and parts are billed separately and at the contract rates


Customer Preventative Maintenance Program available customized to your unique program.


Meet Our Support  Team

Our Value Proposition


Our commitment to you (the customer) is providing industry leading factory authorized service through highly skilled and factory certified technicians.

Our pursuit is to be the best company at delivering honest and skilled service so that we can build long-term relationships. This happens through various situations but always in the same ways with clear communication, skills, trust, and the will to do the job right. Whether it is a smoothly executed startup and commissioning, an emergency piece of equipment that is down, or the delivery of long-term comfort and critical space control through planned service that gives business owners peace of mind.

Being the local factory-authorized service provider for our manufacturers allows us to afford you, (the customer), with trained professionals who are specialists in the startup, repair, and maintenance of your equipment. Having factory knowledge and direct support when needed to solve your critical heating and cooling needs. We believe this provides you with the lowest overall cost of ownership for the life of your equipment.

Our promise is to take the time necessary, but not wasted, to make sure your equipment is integrated and operating properly within the system it is applied, including coordination with; owners and their facility engineers, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, control contractors, commissioning agents, our manufactures and whomever is required to be involved.

Some Important Service Attributes To Us


• Treating customers like people, not account numbers.
• Customers are called when promised.
• Customers receive an explanation of how a problem happened.
• Customers are provided an accurate estimate of how long it will take to resolve a problem.
• Customers are contacted promptly when a problem is resolved.
• Customers are offered the opportunity to speak to someone in authority.
• Alternatives are shared with the customer if a problem cannot be resolved.
• Best ways recommended to the customer to help prevent problems in the future.
• Customers are given progress reports if a problem cannot be resolved immediately.

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