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STOCKMAN BANK: New Construction

The project involved a brand new six story bank with lower level parking structure in the heart of downtown Missoula, MT. With four floors utilizing chilled beams in conjunction with the ventilation air unit, the remaining floors were left to tenant finish, as there were multiple occupants within the location. A unique aspect of this project was the air-to-air regenerative core heat exchanger designed into the custom air handling unit; all heating and cooling was accomplished by implementing heat pump technology utilizing the efficient ground source water within Missoula’s aquifer.

Industry: Commercial
Project year: 2016-2017
Location: Missoula, Montana  

Project Partners: Apollo Mechanical, Electro Controls, 4G’s Plumbing & Heating, CTA Group


Project Specifics: Dadanco Chilled Beams, York Custom AHU with Accubloc Regenerative Heat Exchanger, Buderus Boilers, Armstrong Pumps, Nexus Flow Control Valves, Modular Heat Recovery Chillers

Manufacturers Utilized:

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