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ST. JAMES HEALTHCARE: Chiller Plant Replacement

S. Conley was able to work with Associated Construction Engineering (A.C.E.) and Tri-County Mechanical (TCME) to provide a new 750 Ton air cooled chiller plant. The plant consists of three (3) -250 Ton York Variable Speed Compressor Chillers. Due to the location of the chillers - immediately above the main hospital entrance – sound was a critical factor. To meet the owners needs of mitigating unwanted sound we incorporated ultra-low sound variable speed compressor fans, compressor acoustic insulation, refrigerant piping acoustic insulation, and acoustic insulated louvered panels on the chillers.  The coordination and delivery of the chillers and new Armstrong variable speed driven pumps had to be timed for a zero downtime switch over from the existing water cooled plant.  This was executed seamlessly with the coordination and dedication from the entire team.  


Industry: Healthcare
Project year: 2017-2018
Location: Butte, Montana 

Project Partners: Tri-County Mechanical, Associated Construction Engineering

Manufacturers Utilized:

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