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SCOTT HART BUILDING: Boiler Replacement

One word comes to mind when describing this project’s main obstacle: SPACE. The state government building required a replacement of its existing boiler plant located in the basement. This was solved with a modular cascaded  Buderus boiler system with factory packaged header and controls. With only a man door to fit through, each new boiler was small enough to fit and when combined  provided a 1.8 MBH plant. Additionally the modular boiler plant drastically increased efficiency and redundancy. Centrotherm’s Push-to-Fit boiler flue connection was used to combine the boiler flue successfully to the existing single stack conduit left from the replaced boiler.

Industry: Government
Project year: 2014
Location: Helena, Montana 

Project Partners: Tri County Mechanical, CTA Group

Project Specifics: Buderus Boilers, Centrotherm Venting

Manufacturers Utilized:

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