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When faced with an energy retrofit where the current system was constant volume hoods with high pressure loss venturi plunger valves and control system, S. Conley turned to CRC low pressure low venturi valves to provide an integrated solution to the space. With variable volume hoods and low-pressure loss valves, the new system controls the teaching labs with multiple hoods, existing supply VAV boxes and fancoils to maintain proper pressure, temperature and air changes in the rooms and proper containment at the hoods, all courtesy of Critical Room Control’s full control suite of products. CRC’s unique ability to custom program each existing lab to control each space, dependent on equipment, made this project a complete success. A CRC laptop installed on the project and connected to the main control bus in the Chemistry Building makes for easy maintenance, as both S. Conley and CRC have remote access to make changes as required by the facility or the control contractor.

Industry: Higher Education
Project year: 2016-2017
Location: Butte, Montana 

Project Partners: McKinstry, State of Montana, Tri-County Mechanical, Electro Controls


Project Specifics: 

Manufacturers Utilized:

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