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The Consumer Direct office is a new four-story office building in the heart of Missoula.  The tenant is a pioneer in providing excellent care network to Montanan's in the Healthcare industry. The building’s architectural layout brought a unique design challenge for the engineer who was utilizing an underfloor air delivery system for the buildings occupants. The exterior walls had large windows and the design called for placing the furniture directly against these walls and windows. This posed the problem of the air being delivered below the furniture and thus causing comfort issues with the occupants. The solution (mocked up at the factory visit), was to provide knee height walls along the perimeter with linear grilles placed in the top of the wall so air could be delivered from the plenum to condition the space properly and handle windows heating and cooling load. It also allows employees to place furniture directly against the perimeter wall. This collaborative solution included a prodigious effort with the consultants, manufacturer, and contractors, clearing this hurdle has provided a class A project delivery for the tenant.

Industry: Commercial
Project year: 2016
Location: Missoula, Montana 

Project Partners: Associated Construction Engineering, Rocky Mountain Mechanical, Elkhorn Commissioning Group

Manufacturers Utilized:

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